I’m great at being the worst but Underhill was the best

Huh. 2 months have passed since last I posted. It’s funny how time flies when it’s winter and everything is terrible.

Okay it’s not that everything is terrible. Quite honestly I was rundown with studying, and then general laziness after I handed in my final paper. I ended up with an A overall in my Archives Management course, so I guess the stress was worth it?


I haven’t done much hiking lately. I’m still taking every chance to go outside and camp though. For my birthday, we went to Underhill – a unique glamping experience in a hobbit hole on a farm in the mighty Waikato.


There’s something wonderfully satisfying about stoking up a fire and cooking on a coal range. It was chilly – of course, it’s winter – but being cut into a hill, the hole stays quite warm, especially when you have the coal range going. We left those massive doors open until shortly before bedtime.


We opted for simple fare easily prepared on the coal range.



Quite possibly the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept in…


And waking up like this is pretty fabulous.

All in all? 10/10 would recommend if you have money to spare. He sure is good at choosing birthday gifts, and it was a great way to wind down after my semester finished.


*Disclaimer: All photographs are taken by my husband. Check him out on Instagram.


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